Gâteau basque à 38 kms d'altitude
Concours 3AF 2016
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The NAASC is an association of higher education institutions in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, which provide training for the civil and military space field.

Its main objectives:

  • Stimulate innovation by involving students in inter-institutional collaborative projects, while allowing them to discover the strategic importance of space transportation as well as the high technological level of the products and the quality of our industrial tool.
  • To stimulate the industrial aspect by developing initial and continuing education modules for space transportation.
  • To promote intergenerational dynamics and vocations by creating a place for meeting, sharing and working between industrialists, academics and students, a real showcase for the aerospace industry.

The NAASC also allows to :

  • Favour a mutual knowledge of the activities carried out by the different members, and the animation of the community thus gathered, in order to develop closer relevant collaborations.
  • Favour the link between higher education and the institutional and industrial actors of the space industry.
  • To ensure at the national and international level a visibility to the activities carried out within the framework of NAASC through, in particular, the organization of conferences, seminars and summer schools.