“Happiness is in the Factory”


For 2 consecutive years, the HOWMET company and the association 3AF (Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France) have cooperated to propose a contest to students entitled “Happiness is in the Factory”.

The aim of this competition was to motivate our future managers towards the factory, by showing them that happiness can be found there.

It was based on an original theme, manufacturing, and the organization of the factory whose performance is the result of strong cooperation between various specialists who will pool their skills and know-how. Technical, financial, commercial, human resources, … must work together to ensure success.

With 3AF, HOWMET wished to promote future engineers, associated executives and collaborators who will have acquired such complementary skills allowing them to adapt as well as possible to the needs of the aerospace sector by getting closer to the “matter”. HOWMET is an excellent example to deal with such an action. Its plant in Gennevilliers manufactures rotating machine parts in a foundry using the lost wax method.

The engineering students from Arts et Métiers Bordeaux took part in both editions of this competition, winning 1st prize in 2015 for their concrete proposals resulting from a Lean Manufacturing approach, and 3rd prize in 2016 for their original approach to energy management and well-being at work.

Concours 3AF 2016
Awarding of the 3rd prize to the engineering students of Arts et Métiers, Espace Cap 15, Bd de Grenelle, Paris