“Structures for Hybrid Propulsion” Project

Between 2005 and 2020, Arts et Métiers Bordeaux, the University of Bordeaux and IMT Mines Albi worked on propulsion structure pre-projects, including demonstrators of cryogenic tanks, hybrid propellant bodies and nozzles.

AJSEP played a key role in the organization in agile mode of annual challenges to energize and professionalize the activities of the young people.

The photo below was taken during a final review organised by AJSEP at the ArianeGroup premises. On this occasion, the work of 7 teams of about 40 students from Arts et Métiers, University of Bordeaux IUT and IMA were presented. The objective was to design, manufacture and test the structures for hybrid propulsion in less than one school year. These structures were made of light alloy (cost optimization), carbon wound composites (minimum mass) or polymer.

CNES, Planète Sciences, Roxel, 3AF, IMT Mines Albi and ArianeGroup attended the presentations and congratulated the students and their teachers for the quality of the work.